Excavated bottle

Hey y'all - glad to have you here! Have you ever seen an old bottle that's been excavated? They've got old concrete or pumice/limestone attached to them and they've been weathered with time. That's what I've tried to capture with this old syrup bottle.

It's been aged to perfection and looks like it's been around since 1776. A tattered and worn picture of George Washington has crazing and distressing. And the bottle - oh my! Look at that luscious crazing and cracking! 

The backside is just as glorious with the raised design. So much cracking and patina! And that course pumice is marvelous - grungy likes it's been in the ground awhile. 

So many ways in mixed media to create your own old, excavated bottle using new products and items. Give it a try and see what your imagination digs up! 


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