Inchie art

Ever made inchies? They can be a challenge but so fun - they're little works of art!

I first built up my little squares of wallpaper and then put them in a 4x4 frame. The background is cardboard painted with metallic liquid acrylic paint. I painted the frame black and added some globs of rust paint. 

Each square is different. And to be even more different, I did one mostly white. They've got different pastes and textures and doo dads attached to them - amazing how much you can pack into such a small space! 

These little squares also have some height to them - definitely not flat! 

Next time you want a challenge, try making some inchie art. See how much stuff you can pile onto a small space! 

I'm entering this at artPiASKOWNiCA


  1. These are brilliant Cathy - you certainly have packed a lot onto them lol xx

  2. What a fabulous make hun, love it, brilliant piece of art xx

  3. Really cool - love the rust goop and that little man is awesome! Love it :)

  4. Ciekawie i klimatycznie :-) Dziękuję za udział w wyzwaniu Art-Piaskownicy, pozdrawiam i życzę powodzenia :-)

  5. Great work! I love it! Dziękuje za udział w wyzwaniu ArtPiaskownicy!


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