We're all winging it

Hello my lovelies! We are almost in the month of Mar already and Spring is just around the corner. I don't know about you but we didn't have a Winter at all - I want my money back 😅. Nevertheless, the season will change and with it will come beautiful flowers and, of course - butterflies!

My lovely Madame Butterfly was printed on tissue paper and embellished with 3D lacquer. The bricks and wings are A Vintage Girl stamps from Art Foamies

The wings were stamped using an embossing pad onto tissue paper. They're so fragile and beautiful - you can roll them up a little to give them height. The bricks were stamped using colored paste. 

You can create some amazing designs with these! They are the easiest things to use and the easiest to clean. You will love 'em! 


  1. this is stunning Cathy - the lacquer brings the wings to life xx

  2. Gorgeous piece Cathy, love the wings xx

  3. Gorgeous card and absolutely beautiful butterfly
    Carol x


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