Getting to the end of April already and we're still pretty much in self-quarantine mode. During this month, we've already had Easter but I'm still thinking eggs!

I love eggs - not necessarily to eat but to decorate with! So many types of craft eggs out there: small, large, styrofoam, paper mache. Mine are wood and about 2.75" tall. Room enough for a small zipper scene! 

Cogs and gears and a whole lot of corrosion on this one. 

Spring is in the air - and holding up this egg! And the garden fairies are out!

A little rabbit is peeking out from some shrubbery. 👀

Of course, with Spring comes bees! 🐝

The birds are nesting and the eggs are just about ready...

They make such elegant, shabby decor. And they fit my style of both vintage and shabby. I'm always upcycling and thinking outside the box with things! 

Two different styles but both provide a breath of fresh air and whimsy!  Spring is always an uplifting time of year and your home decor can be also!

I'm entering these at Classic Design Team Challenge and Path of Positivity!

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  1. These are both so beautiful. A very creative way of decorating the eggs. Thank you for joining in the Style Challenge at Path of Positivity.


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