Owl perfect is this?

Welcome to another post featuring MixedUP Printables!

This month, I used Photoshop to incorporate 2 Printables sets on my canvas: Milk Bottle Tops and Flower Labels #1.

I know, I know - what good can come from that combo? 😜 Well, behold! 

I found an owl outline (it was black) and selected parts of the flowers and set them as a background that I could fill different areas of the owl with. I also changed the the coloring around which was really fun to do! For most of the feathers, I filled those with portions of the milk tops. 

I used 3D lacquer for the eyes 👀

The top 2 owls have milk tops that were printed and foam mounted over an eye, like a monocle. 

And my sentiment - it ain't easy being me 😜

Printables are for more than just printing out and slapping on the front of a card! They can be changed around and manipulated in a graphics program for some fun and different results. It's not enough to have different and quirky ideas; you need the Printables to make it a reality! 

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