Three crosses

We're on the precipice of May and we've all been cooped up for a couple months - how's everyone faring? These are trying times for sure, full of what-ifs and uncertainty. I do pray everyone reading this is healthy and safe and that my post might give you an escape for a little while 🥰

I've got a Dollar Store hand strainer that I've upcycled using Relics and Artifacts products!

One of the products I used is VerDay - this stuff is amazing! It gives you different patina and verdigris effects depending on the paint color you use. 

And my main attraction are the 3 crosses. The large cross has been gilded and then further distressed. The other crosses have been done 2 different ways: one with VerDay and the other with waxes and plaster. They were then further distressed and turned out marvelous. 

The VerDay effects are really fabulous and it's always different, even if you use the same color over and over! I've used this VerDay on a silverware piece which will be posted soon so stay tuned!

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