How great is verdigris?

Do you like patina? Rust? Verdigris? It's all yummy! Take a gander at this marvelous spoon!

VerDay is a magical compound (from Sandra Evertson at Relics & Artifacts) that turns your items into ancient treasures. It all depends on the color paint you use first and you get different results every time, even using the same color! 

Look at that resin relic from Sandra Evertson - perfection!  Looks like old stone! 

My resin crown on top also has some white matte wax to give it that powdery, efflorescence look.

The spoon itself has a darker result because of the color paint I chose. I added some matte green and white waxes for more affect. 

I really love the results of the VerDay on this spoon and will definitely be experimenting on other items using various paint colors! It does pair well with Finnabair's waxes and rust pastes, too! 

I'm entering this at Artpiaskownica


  1. This is brilliant. Must admit I tend to go for the darker rust/green effects

  2. Bardzo interesujący projekt :-) Dziękuję za udział w wyzwaniu Art-Piaskownicy, pozdrawiam i życzę powodzenia :-)


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