Patinaed stone treasures

Greetings, my friends! I hope we're all healthy and happy and keeping busy and productive during this global down-time!

I've been experimenting with a couple things! One thing is using clay with an embossing folder and stencils. The other is using VerDay to patina everything!

This first piece is clay that's had a stencil pressed into it. It's an imperfect piece as are all three pieces I used. It's been painted with VerDay paints and sprayed to give it a fabulous patina of varying colors! And it's adhered to cardboard that's been covered with plaster paste. It might look like it's a heavier piece like stone but it's as light as a feather! 

Look at that color and varying types of patina - looks like patinaed stone but it's clay and cardboard! 

This second piece is done the same way, but using a different stencil. 

I created texture with a fork and pressing a piece of rusty screen into the plaster. I love the stone affects.

The centerpiece is - WOW! The texture from the stencil and the VerDay combine to make it look like an old treasure. I made the faces using a mould which gives it an artisan look I think. 

This last piece was made using an embossing folder. I don't have any machines for folders or dies so I used a rolling pin! The VerDay makes it so lusciously patinaed. I also used it on the bottle caps. And everything is mounted on cardboard so - light as a feather! 

I just love these results - the colors are stunning! 

The patina makes lightweight, air-dried clay appear to be a piece of broken stone. I love using an imperfect piece - gives it a more authentic look, like it's an ancient remnant from a larger piece. My advice: experiment, experiment, experiment! You never know what  treasure you'll accidentally discover! 

I'm entering these at Artpiaskownica


  1. Super.Dziękuję za udział w wyzwaniu Art-Piaskownicy.

  2. Wspaniale i oryginalnie :-) Dziękuję za udział w wyzwaniu Art-Piaskownicy, pozdrawiam i życzę powodzenia :-)


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