A choppy piece of art

Hey everyone! Still recovering from gallbladder surgery but all is well! Before my surgery, I had this clipboard that I turned into a choppy piece of art. Contemporary meets grunge? I'm not sure. But I just let it flow. 

What makes it choppy is, well, the choppy elements. Pieces of cardboard, strips of paper, uneven edges, words askew. I love it! 

I love that pieces go over the edge and that it's not entirely finished. No perfection, no attention to detail. Stuff is in place just because. 

I love the different heights of the cardboard pieces. No rhyme or reason - totally random. But that's the beauty of art. 

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely love it -love the choppy unevenly torn papers and pieces of random cardboard -brilliant
    Carol x


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