I feel pretty

What's happening, everybody! I'm feeling great after gallbladder surgery - everything is healed up so I've been busy creating! 

For my Artful Academy Printables DT project, I did a digital design - aren't they dandy? 😅

The fella in the right corner has beautiful wings and a flower monocle.

The gentleman up top has a butterfly bow tie and a flower on his hat. 

Our last fella on the left is all aglow with butterflies and a rose in his jacket pocket. 

Such a fun design! It would be perfect printed out as a card for your own dandy fella! I used 
Edwardian ActorsButterfly Scraps, and Victorian Roses for this masterpiece. 

Head over to Artful Academy to pickup your own printables or maybe enroll in one of the many Artful classes available! 


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