Hello to everyone! So glad you could stop by! Today, I've got an upcycled bottle that I'm all abuzz about 🐝

Those acrylic insects are Zuri molds and they have such detail to them! 

Aren't they amazing?! They're perfect for my little hive of activity. 

And the crackle with mica powder brushed over it - oy! And I love the addition of the different sized metal bees. 

In the sunlight, it's so shimmery with the mica powder. It's the perfect decor for a sun room that overlooks a garden or your back porch. You should definitely try the Zuri molds with your next mixed media project! 


  1. This is absolutely awesome hun, fantastic make xx

  2. OMG! This bottle is beautiful. I am an amateur card maker but would love to learn mm. Is there a tutorial? I don't know where to start. on the Sunshine Coast in QLD. Thankyou.

    1. I don't have a tutorial but I suggest searching on Google and YouTube for mixed media. There's no set way to do things - it's up to your imagination!


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