Water 💦 Fire 🔥 Earth 🌎 Air🌬️

Hey everyone! I hope your July is going swimmingly....or maybe you're swimming alot because it's July 😁.  

Artpiaskownica has an interesting challenge going on right now: make 4 ATCs with water, air, fire, earth plus a woman or something feminine. I think it fits perfectly with the July weather!

The 1st ATC is water 💦

Since it's so hot outside, a cool dip in a pool or the ocean can be refreshing. And the waters in various areas have lovely shades of greens and blues with foamy white waves. 

Next, we have fire 🔥

It may be hot enough to melt bricks outside but a lady always knows how to dress for the weather 😉

Then there's earth 🌎

With that scorching weather comes dryness - think of the dried lake beds and the cracked earth. But yet you'll still see some green that's survived. 

Lastly, we have air 🌬️

We do get some breezy air from time to time - but you can't see it, only its effects. Maybe a fluffy cloud or two passing by... 

So which one are you experiencing in your area right now? 

I'm entering these at Artpiaskownica!


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