Let me give you a hand...

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit! I've got a 'handy' little item that I upcycled with VerDay

So this started as a one of those vintage ceramic hands from back in the day. But after applying VerDay, it looks heavy, like a piece of patinaed copper! 

VerDay really does a fantastic job of transforming everyday objects into ages-old treasures. I used the copper paint mainly because it really produces a wonderful green verdigris to different spots. 

The results are different and varied every time you use it. I love the contrast of the copper with green. 

A simple makeover that didn't cost an arm and a leg....🖐️

I'm entering this at Artpiaskownica!


  1. The most stunning piece of Recycling I’ve ever seen

  2. This is absolutely brilliant, love this project Cathy xx


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