Pitter Patter

 Hello, my friends! It's September - woo hoo! I am so over summer and look forward to the cooler sweater weather!

I've got a series of vinyl records to show you - they were done last year for a DT event but sadly, it never took place. The project was to emboss vinyl records using Emerald Creek embossing powders. So I FINALLY decided to take them out of the box and photograph them! 

The one I'm showing you today is a 45 record and since it's been so long, I'm not sure quite sure what powder I used for the record itself 😐. But I believe it was Seth Apter's Patina Oxide.

I added a piece of cardboard mesh-like packaging I had saved and embossed it along with a chipboard frame.  I believe the powder I used was Charred Gold

Oh, the texture you get with ECs powders! Makes my ♥️ go pitter patter! 

Using heat on vinyl adds some really cool affects, like waves or slight distortions. Reminds me of when a record would get warped from being near a window too long or if you left it in a hot car while out shopping! Ahhh, the good ol' days 😁 

Next, week, I'll show you a couple of large LPS I did using stencils with the powders! See ya then! 


  1. This is brilliant Cathy, you are really creative and very inspiring xx

  2. Love love love it Cathy. I wonder how many remember what a 45 record is! Simply fabulous texture. Look forward to seeing next weeks LP. Another some will wonder what an LP is hehe.


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