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Hey, y'all! As you may know, I'm a Brand Ambassador for A Vintage Girl products. They include unique chipboard and their offshoot shop - A Vintage Girl & Her Daughter Stickers

I wanted to show you some newer items that you will love to work with on the chipboard side! 

Vintage "Happy Camper" Chipboard Album

Measures approximately 11" x 8" and comes with four pages total.  The front is laser etched in addition to the element set that gives it a 3D look.

The wings are approximately 3.5" x 4" wingspan for each set.

These are designed after real vintage keys and are 3/4" in diameter and include multiple alphabet sets and symbols.

This sheet measures 11.5" x 10" and has a ton of loose bricks - perfect for adding molding paste around to look like mortar - and our signature brick clusters. 

Tiny Book Chipboard Cover - Set of Three

This set includes three different styles of tiny books that are popular right now.  Each has a different style of binding: solid and two for signatures.  Each book measures 3" x 2.5" and  1" spines.

Victorian House Album with Custom Dimensional Element Set

Inspired by an actual Victorian house with incredible laser etching on the front.  The full element set includes archways and other elements that you add to the cover to give it dimension.  Approximately 11" wide x 11.5" tall.

"Wicked Gate" Gate Fold Album

The front laser cut opens to multiple pages and a solid back piece giving you a ton of space for photos.

We hope you'll drop by and check out all of the products A Vintage Girl has to offer. They are truly unique and one-of-a-kind! 

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