'Tis the season to believe!  This Christmas decoration is perfect year around! I used an ornate picture frame to set off this vintage-looking angel ornament. 

She's sitting on a pillow of white cheesecloth over  vintage-looking paper on a burlap canvas. I added red sari ribbon around it and metal corners. And I added a string of lights all the way around. 

Her head is from the Relics & Artifacts Facia Familiaris set. I added a gold crown with a jewel and dusted her with mica powder for some shimmer. 

Her body is a plastic Christmas ball that I cut in half (imperfectly). I loved that it was red and had the raised word 'Believe' so I highlighted it with gold wax. Her wings are Relics and Artifacts as well from the Rising Spirit collection. The little tendrils at the bottom is the Relics and Artifacts Rose Folk Heart from the Toltec Heart set that I put upside down underneath the ball. 

I put some script handwriting tissue paper on cardboard and added red twine around the frame opening. The rusty metal piece on the bottom with the sentiment is actually a piece I saved from a BBQ we took apart this summer. 

The ornate scrollwork embellishment on top is chipboard colored with waxes.

The Relics and Artifacts pieces really are the centerpiece to this decorative piece - I'm displaying it all the time to remind me of my blessings! 

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