Mixed Media art for sale

Hello everyone and welcome! I have some items for sale that I hope you're interested in! See terms/conditions and more info at the bottom of the page! 

This upcycled liquor bottle has been transformed into an old-fashioned telephone! You can see all the details here

This is a whimsical Christmas display featuring an old baby shoe! See all the details here
PLEASE NOTE: There are some loose pieces that can be placed however you like. 
$45 plus s/h

This unique bottle has been transformed into an excavated relic. See more here

$75 plus S/H

This is a 10" box that I've industrialized - or steampunked if you prefer! Scraps of fabulous steampunk and/or industrial-themed papers, metal, rust (look at that huge clock spring!), bits and bobs - even paper bag scraps that are distressed to give it a worn leather look. See more here.
$65 plus s/h

Who would believe this rusty, metal piece is actually made of cardboard! Fantastic and unique piece with many features! See it all here

This beautiful display features products from Sandra Evertson at Relics & Artifacts. Comes with a display stand. See it up close here
$25 plus s/h

How beautiful is this patinaed spoon?! Made with products from Sandra Evertson, including VerDay. Uniquely designed and gloriously aged. See more here
$65 plus s/h

This is vinyl 45 record that's been melted and manipulated. Beautiful stone effects with wood, chipboard, and metal embellishments. You can add a hanger to the back or prop it up for display. You can get more details here
$30 plus s/h

Here's another vinyl 45 record that's been transformed. Quirky faces peering at you from behind windows. Get more details here

$95 plus s/h

This is a magical book that's been carved on the inside to hold hidden surprises under the unicorn. See more details here

* If you're interested in any of these, please use the contact form on the right bar towards the top of the blog.

* S/H will be figured at time of purchase. I highly recommend shipping priority with insurance. The shorter amount of time in the mail system, the better.

* Some items might have loose parts/items that aren't adhered that can be arranged however you'd like. Don't be alarmed if, during shipping, things have moved around. You can always arrange them as you like.

* I accept PayPal. Please send payment as money to a friend so there are no fees charged. 

* You can always contact me for even more details/pics if the information provided was not enough. 

* I do not accept returns. Art is subjective so please be sure it's what you want. I use all types of objects such as cardboard, metal, found objects, canvases, books, etc. I take my time and supplies into consideration when pricing. I'm open to doing a piece just for you!

* Items will be deleted when sold! 

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