Mixed Media items for sale

Hello everyone and welcome! I have some items for sale that I hope you're interested in! See terms/conditions and more info at the bottom of the page! 
$65 plus s/h

This upcycled liquor bottle has been transformed into an old-fashioned telephone! You can see all the details here
$40 plus s/h

This is a whimsical Christmas display featuring an old baby shoe! See all the details here
PLEASE NOTE: There are some loose pieces that can be placed however you like. 
$65 plus s/h

This grungy piece boasts a zipper and old typewriter keys. Done on a 12x12 piece of corrugated cardboard. Suitable for framing. Get the details here.
$45 plus s/h

This unique bottle has been transformed into an excavated relic. See more here
$25 plus s/h

This patinaed tin hides treasures inside! For all the details, click here
$65 plus s/h

Who would believe this rusty, metal piece is actually made of cardboard! Fantastic and unique piece with many features! See it all here
$35 plus s/h  SOLD

This colorful piece also has grunge and heat gun 'warts' as I call it. Lots of texture! Done on a 12x12 piece of corrugated cardboard. Suitable for framing. See all the details here
$65 plus s/h

This beautiful display features products from Sandra Evertson at Relics & Artifacts. Comes with a display stand. See it up close here
$45 ea plus s/h  SOLD

These adorable wooden eggs are done up in the steampunk/vintage style. Each egg is unique and one-of-a-kind! See all the details of these eggstraordinary creations here
$25 plus s/h

How beautiful is this patinaed spoon?! Made with products from Sandra Evertson, including VerDay. Uniquely designed and gloriously aged. See more here
$35 plus s/h

Outdream yourself - a charming canvas with working shutters that hold a surprise inside. More details here
$75 plus s/h

This is vinyl 45 record that's been melted and manipulated. Beautiful stone effects with wood, chipboard, and metal embellishments. You can add a hanger to the back or prop it up for display. You can get more details here
$30 plus s/h

Here's another vinyl 45 record that's been transformed. Quirky faces peering at you from behind windows. Get more details here

$95 plus s/h

This is a magical book that's been carved on the inside to hold hidden surprises under the unicorn. See more details here

* If you're interested in any of these, please use the contact form on the right bar towards the top of the blog.

* S/H will be figured at time of purchase. I highly recommend shipping priority with insurance. The shorter amount of time in the mail system, the better.

* Some items might have loose parts/items that aren't adhered that can be arranged however you'd like. Don't be alarmed if, during shipping, things have moved around. You can always arrange them as you like.

* I accept PayPal. Please send payment as money to a friend so there are no fees charged. 

* You can always contact me for even more details/pics if the information provided was not enough. 

* I do not accept returns. Art is subjective so please be sure it's what you want. I use all types of objects such as cardboard, metal, found objects, canvases, books, etc. I take my time and supplies into consideration when pricing. I'm open to doing a piece just for you!

* Items will be deleted when sold! 

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