Mixed media supplies for sale!!

I seemingly have an endless supply of artsy stuff! Scrapbook paper (probably over 2500 pieces from collections to individual pieces, some out of print, all sizes), trims, fabric scraps, ephemera, paint, chipboard, doo dads and thingamajigs for mixed media, found items, scrap cardboard - you name it!

So I'm putting together large 12x12 USPS Flat Rate shipping boxes full of stuff  for $65, flat rate priority shipping included! You'll get a mix of stuff which could include, but isn't limited to, paper, ephemera, chipboard, scrap trim, stamps, embellishments, and more. If there's any paint/sprays or stamps in your box, they will be used - paint/sprays would be at least 50% full! You'll get a mix of new and used!  THIS PRICING IS FOR THE US! If you wish to purchase and you're elsewhere, I can figure shipping for you!

I'm also getting rid of scrapbook paper: 20 sheets of 12x12 for $18 plus shipping,  20 sheets of 6x6/8x8 mix for $15 plus shipping. Shipping figured at time of purchase, US and elsewhere! If you have a particular style you're interested in (shabby, flowers, steampunk, etc), I can look around and pick your paper accordingly. Otherwise, it's all random!

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Here's a sample of what's going into a box! All boxes are different! You'll definitely be getting your money's worth of supplies after the shipping price!

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